Internship Report by Yineteili Tioyem Abii


First and foremost, I would like to give thanks to God for His grace, guidance and direction throughout my internship. I also want to express my appreciation to the Career services department at Academic City University College for the excellent work they did in preparing and securing an internship for students and getting them ready for the corporate world. I would like to thank my supervisor, Mr. Issa Ibrahim Taiwo, Raycom technologies Ghana Limited Ghana, for giving me the opportunity to intern within his department and for his mentorship, leadership and support throughout the duration of my internship. I would also like to thank Kenneth Selormey for the constant motivation to overcome challenges I faced. Finally, my thanks and appreciation goes to my team, supervisors, mentors, colleagues and each person I interacted and worked with during my brief time with the organization. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to unlearn and relearn new skills, take on projects and have an impact on the company.

Company Name: Raycom Technologies Ghana Limited
Sector/ Service: Telecommunications
Operation Year: 2000
Address: #33 Jungle Avenue, 200m from A&C Mall, East Legon, Accra
Mission Statement: “To deliver tailor-made information technology solutions to clients through the provision of a state-of-the- art, cost effective and expert services”


This internship report highlights the work experience Yineteili Tioyem Abii gained at Raycom technologies Ghana Limited from July 31, 2023 to August 25, 2023. As a requirement for the Industry internship course at Academic City University College, I interned with the Unified Communications (UC) Department. This experience aimed to provide me with hands-on work experience and valuable skills that are attractive to potential employers, complementing the theoretical knowledge I gained in school.

During my internship period, I was mainly involved in unified communications and infrastructure including network management, configuration of Internet Protocol (IP) systems and setting up servers which will be elaborated in my report. The internship was in person at the Raycom
technologies in Accra.

Furthermore, I would like to discuss the goals I had set for myself for the internship period.


Below are the objectives I had set to achieve by the end of my internship with Raycom technologies Ghana limited and I ensured they were set using the SMART goal method.

  • Gain experience in setting up servers: I hoped to gain experience in setting up and managing servers.
  • Gain experience in setting up phones on a network: Understand how desktop phones are set up on a company network and how staff communicate with each other.
  • Refining my social skills: Another significant objective I had set for my self is to refine my communication skills, become a team player and to improve my problem solving skill set that are necessary to thrive in a corporate environment.
  • Expand my professional network and gain mentorship: I set to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with industry professionals and learn as much as I could from them.


Intern Role: Unified Communications Intern
Department: Unified Communications Department
Reports to: Service Assurance Supervisor
Company: Raycom technologies Ghana Limited
Duration: Four (4) weeks

Responsibilities and Assignments
  1. Some of my responsibilities as an intern included the following:
  2. Testing failover scenarios in Avaya softphones.
  3. Setting up and configuring a virtual server onto a physical one.
  4. Installing and registering SIP phones using either Avaya IP office manager or yeastar PBX.
  5. Creating a local network to allow internal communication between phones on that network.
  6. Creating new and configuring old user profiles and extensions for Avaya phones

  1. Application of theoretical knowledge: I was able to accomplish one of my internship goals by learning how to setup and configure a virtual server. I learnt how to set and assign an IP address to the server and also expanded my knowledge on DNS and subnet masks. All these are a practical application of my theoretical studies in school.
  2. Proficient technical skills: I took advantage of the Avaya phones in the office and learnt how to create extensions and user profiles for phones. Also set them up on a local network so they are to communicate all the help of my fellow interns and other staff of Raycom.
  3. Broadened professional connections: I was able to significantly increase my network and LinkedIn connections as well as the knowledge I acquired from my connections.
  4. Resolved technical issues: I went along on a site visit to Fidelity bank to help resolve an outbound call issue. I was able to help create new user profiles and extensions and this served as the solution to the problem they encountered with the outbound call system. I also checked in with all the staff who had encountered that issue to make sure they had no other issues before we left


To conclude my report, I would like to say I greatly benefitted from this opportunity to work with Raycom technologies Ghana limited. It was an impactful journey towards my professional development in various ways. Despite facing a few challenges like adapting to the work environment during the first week, I quickly found my feet in the subsequent weeks as I made these challenges important learning opportunities and had smooth sails till the end of the internship period

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