Internship Report of Michelle Naa Kwarley Owoo

Michelle Naa Kwarley Owoo

Academic City University College

Internship Period: From 31st July 2023 – 25th August 2023

Internship Supervisor: Issa IbrahimTaiwo

Company: Raycom Technologies

Company Address: Accra Ghana No 33 Jungle Road, 100m from A&C Mall, East Legon

Executive Summary:

This internship report reflects my immersive journey at Raycom Technologies, a prominent enterprise communications specialist known for its expertise in enhancing customer experience and engagement. Throughout my internship tenure within the Infrastructure department, I gained invaluable hands-on experience in network administration, server configuration, and the intricate setup of Avaya IP systems. These experiences significantly contributed to my professional development and knowledge enrichment.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Company Overview
  3. Objectives and Expectations
  4. Activities and Responsibilities
  5. Skills Acquired
  6. Achievements and Contributions
  7. Challenges and Learning Opportunities
  8. Site Visits and Client Interactions
  9. Conclusion
  10. Acknowledgments

  1. Introduction:

This report presents an account of my internship at Raycom Technologies, focusing on my role in the Infrastructure department, where I gained practical knowledge and skills in enterprise communications and Avaya IP systems.

  1. Company Overview:

Raycom Technologies is a leading provider of customer experience and engagement solutions, catering to businesses, including prominent banks such as Access Bank, GCB, Bank Of Ghana, and Fidelity Bank. The company specializes in call center support and enterprise communications.

  1. Objectives and Expectations:

At the outset of my internship, my primary objectives were to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in network management and server setup.
  • Develop proficiency in configuring Avaya IP systems, including primary and secondary servers, expansions, and IP Office.
  • Understand the setup and management of various types of phones, including hard phones, SIP phones, and softphones.
  • Learn to troubleshoot and test for failover in Avaya IP systems.
  1. Activities and Responsibilities:

During my internship, I was actively engaged in the following activities and responsibilities:

  • Learning how to log onto a network using IP addresses.
  • Setting up VMware on a server.
  • Installing and configuring primary and secondary servers, as well as expansions.
  • Installing and registering hard phones, SIP phones, and softphones using Avaya IP Office Manager.
  • Creating user profiles and extensions on different phone types.
  • Testing failover scenarios for H223 hard phones, J-139, J-179 SIP phones, and the Avaya Communicator softphone.
  • Creating and managing a local network with servers and phones, allowing for internal calls.
  1. Skills Acquired:

Throughout my internship, I acquired and honed the following skills:

  • Network management and configuration.
  • Server setup and management, including VMware.
  • Installation and configuration of Avaya IP systems.
  • Troubleshooting and testing for failover in IP systems.
  • User profile creation and extension management.
  1. Achievements and Contributions: Notable achievements and contributions include:
  • Proficiently established user profiles for SIP phones and hard phones, demonstrating proficiency in Avaya IP system configuration.
  • Effectively configured a comprehensive server infrastructure, including primary and secondary servers, to be hosted on a single server, with the exception of the expansion component.
  1. Challenges and Learning Opportunities:

During my internship, I encountered various challenges that required patience and perseverance. I learned to patiently deal with difficult tasks, repeatedly trying and sometimes failing until I achieved the desired outcome. These experiences strengthened my problem-solving skills and taught me the importance of resilience in the face of challenges.

  1. Site Visits and Client Interactions:

During my internship, I had the opportunity to visit various client sites and gain practical insights into their operations.

  • At GCB, I observed their data rooms and encountered an interesting challenge. We were tasked with installing a new server; however, due to limitations with the rack, we faced difficulties fitting the server into the designated rack. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we were unable to complete the installation.
  • Additionally, I visited Access Bank, where I participated in the installation of new users for their call center. This hands-on experience allowed me to witness the process of creating user profiles and extensions for softphones, contributing to the effective operation of the call center.

These site visits provided valuable real-world exposure to the application of technologies and solutions provided by Raycom Technologies, as well as the unique challenges that can arise during implementation.

  1. Conclusion:

My internship at Raycom Technologies has been an invaluable chapter in my academic and professional journey. Throughout this experience, I ventured out of my comfort zone, embracing new challenges and expanding my knowledge and skills.

I have learned the importance of adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving, particularly when facing dynamic work environments and unexpected challenges. The opportunity to work on Avaya IP systems, configure servers, and troubleshoot network issues has equipped me with practical expertise that I believe will be indispensable in my future career.

This internship allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of enterprise communications and customer experience. Witnessing the impact of Raycom Technologies’ solutions on clients, including the challenges faced during implementation, and provided me with a holistic view of the industry.

I am deeply grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and support I received from my colleagues and supervisors at Raycom Technologies. Their willingness to share their knowledge and assist me in navigating the complexities of enterprise communications made this journey exceptionally educational and enjoyable.

As I move forward in my academic and professional pursuits, I carry with me the experiences and lessons from this internship. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained to contribute to the ever-evolving field of enterprise communications and customer experience.

This internship has been a stepping stone toward my future, and I am eager to continue my journey, fueled by the experiences and insights I have gathered at Raycom Technologies.

  1. Acknowledgments:

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Issa Ibrahim Taiwo, my internship supervisor at Raycom Technologies, for his unwavering support, mentorship, and guidance throughout my internship. His expertise and willingness to impart knowledge greatly enriched my learning experience.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the entire Infrastructure department team at Raycom Technologies. Their camaraderie, patience, and readiness to collaborate made every day a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. Also, their expertise and willingness to answer questions enhanced my understanding of complex topics. My fellow interns were reliable and enthusiastic partners in the learning journey, and their contributions were instrumental to our collective growth.

Lastly, I want to thank my academic advisor Ms. Anna Tetteh and my university for providing me with the opportunity to undertake this internship. Their support and encouragement have been crucial in shaping my educational and professional journey.

This internship would not have been as enriching without the support and contributions of all these individuals and groups. I am truly thankful for the privilege of learning and growing in such a dynamic and supportive environment.

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