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HCM Applications Overview

Human Capital Management (HCM) transforms the traditional administrative functions of human resources (HR) departments—recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management—into opportunities to drive engagement, productivity, and business value. HCM considers the workforce as more than just a cost of doing business; it is a core business asset whose value can be maximized through strategic investment and management—just like any other asset.

Human capital management (HCM) application services include services that advise, plan, design, build and implement strategies, processes and solutions for HCM or HR, as well as the operation and maintenance of such applications.


Customer Experience HCM

Our HCM benefits businesses by giving them the ability to make critical decisions based on reliable, accurate, and timely information. HCM systems help businesses integrate data into a single employee record, support mobility, and help increase efficiencies for the entire workforce.

Accuracy & Efficiency

HCM provides a framework that helps businesses use the latest data, improve business processes, and focus on recruiting and retaining the right people to optimize a healthy, engaged workforce.

better productivity, better results

Our solution powers the HCM tools and operations a business uses to implement certain tasks such as recruiting, hiring, managing people, and analyzing workforce trends.

Solution With Efficiency

Our solution allows a business to streamline tasks, improve overall efficiency, provide on-demand access to HR-related information, increase employee benefits, reduce human errors on critical recordkeeping, and get the right data analysis to leadership so they can use it for important decision-making.

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The Functional Components of our HCM Solutions


Global HR

Simplify your HRIS systems and manage your entire workforce with a single, global system of record.
  • Employee lifecycle: Manage from hire to retire for all employees, full-time and contingent, with localizations for more than 200 countries and jurisdictions.
  • Strategic HR: Track personal and employment information, create job structures, manage employee documents, and predict performance and attrition with a single solution.
  • HR service delivery: Enable manager and employee self-service on any device and provide an HR Help Desk for sensitive HR cases.
  • Employee engagement: Motivate your people with wellness, competitions, volunteering, and personal branding tools. Compliance and fraud detection: Improve health and safety through incident reporting and safeguard your data through fraud detection and autonomous security.
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    Talent Management

    Enable organizations to manage the entire talent lifecycle—from effectively sourcing and recruiting to onboarding new hires, managing goals and performance, rewarding for performance, providing continuous learning, developing careers and conducting talent reviews and planning for best-fit successors—all while keeping employees engaged.

  • Talent acquisition: Present a compelling candidate-centric experience and match the best-fit candidates to jobs by leveraging innovative technologies.
  • Performance management: Align individual and business goals and support employees with frequent checkpoints to optimize performance. Career development: Identify career opportunities and maintain a development plan to bring employees closer to their career goals.
  • Talent review and succession management: Evaluate macro-organizational talent trends and proactively plan for future needs in leadership and other critical roles. Learning: Meet the learning demands of the modern workforce and keep employee skills current. Leverage embedded intelligence to provide a tailored learning experience.
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    Workforce Management

    Control labor costs, reduce manual processes, and simplify compliance for all of your employees, globally.

  • Compensation: Analysis, modeling, budgeting and administration of local and global compensation plans.
  • Total compensation: Deep insight into all compensation activity to executives, managers, and employees.
  • Pay-for-performance: Leverage performance ratings, goal attainment, and other metrics into compensation calculations.
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    WorkForce Rewards

    Attract and retain the right talent and drive value through a differentiated workforce rewards strategy. Maximize the accuracy of payroll and compensation data using modern and innovative technology.

  • Compensation: Analysis, modeling, budgeting and administration of local and global compensation plans.
  • Benefits: Deliver flexible benefit program options that adapt to unique business needs.
  • Payroll: Process payroll and support compliance by delivering accurate payroll, tax reporting, and regulatory rules.
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