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Procurement and Tendering Overview

Our e-Procurement modules provide a comprehensive procurement system for all your contracts for goods or services (framework, DPS, RFQ, e-catalogue, etc), from e-tender through to call off and order acceptance, real-time reporting and audit trail. An intuitive system, it is used by public sector organisations to cut costs, deliver improved services and comply with procurement law.

It provides an efficient and simple process for the evaluation and qualification of suppliers. You can create and publish questionnaire(s) with a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, yes/no, text field, numerical fields and upload files, with the option to set expiry dates to generate renewal prompts and to set knock-out questions as required.


Customer Experience Call Center

You can automate evaluation scoring or price evaluation where appropriate, and you can set and vary the weighting for each question. Evaluation and qualification history is accessible for audit.

Automated Systems

Automated software to oversee all your procurement procedures, regardless of order size or frequency

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Tender notifications

Keep up to date on the opportunities within your market. As a subscriber, you will receive filtered leads from the public sector directly in your email inbox.
Carry out the entire tender process within the solution. Get a detailed overview of the process and gather all available information in a single place:
  • Read the contract notices
  • Communicate with the procurer
  • Answer directly within the application
  • Easy and secure
  • Free of charge to leave tenders
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    Procurement management system

    Our application is a cloud-based solution that supports all aspects of your organization’s procurement: Manage supplier contracts, place and deploy orders, manage invoices and payments. Save both time and money while ensuring employee loyalty to existing supplier agreements.

    Procurement pooling

    Choose from more than 40 pre-negotiated and discounted deals and achieve up to 70 % discount. Leave the monitoring of the market and negotiations to our experts and reap economy of scale advantages.
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