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Campaign Management Overview

Campaign management is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative; sometimes centered around a new product launch or an event. No matter how big or small the campaign is, it usually involves a team departments working together to accomplish a common goal.

Campaign management systems are able to handle a large number of multi-stage campaigns and automate personalized campaigns. A marketing campaign is very important for the success of the brand. Marketing campaigns can make or break the brand in a short period of time


Customer Experience Campaign Management

A brand-new way to promote your brand Define & manage multi-channel marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience

Target & Precision

Using our campaign management services gives you access to our Targeted Growth Model, that we build into your existing customer data to give you untapped insights to better understand your customers and where to focus your marketing budget more effectively.


Get repeated procedures done in without necessarily having to go through the entire process over and over.

User Friendly Interface

It doesn't have to be that hard. Go through process with few clicks and clarity.

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The Key Functionalities Of Campaign Management


Plan Multistage Campaigns

Our Campaign Management provides an intuitive & interactive marketing calendar that allows you to easily plan your marketing activities ahead of time. You can also set your campaign's main priorities, that is, decide on what order your campaigns should be run. We can provide you with various campaign templates as well as an insight into the history of changes made to your campaigns. 

Design Multi-Channel Interactions

Our marketing software are designed to help you build event-triggered, time-based, campaigns with recurring interactions using an intuitive graphic-based tool. With its use, you can easily prepare your campaigns to be run over many different channels. Not only does it automate the entire campaign management process, but it identifies patterns in customers' behavior to help you create personalized, highly-engaging customer experiences. The process involves determining which channels will be used to run a given campaign, as well as its timing and sequencing.

Manage Campaign Workflow

Our Campaign Management was equipped with custom workflow mechanisms that automate your internal campaign processes. It offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor to enable you to time- and cost-effectively design the flow of your marketing operations. Plus, our workflow-oriented templates allow you to create sets of defined tasks that will be automatically assigned to your campaigns without having to design them from scratch ever again. Using our product, you can quickly assign users to their roles and tasks. Plus, thanks to built-in comments, attachments and automatic reminders for tasks, you can streamline the collaboration in your marketing team. You can also create access for your external partners (agencies, vendors) to let them become involved in the process of creating the campaign.

Target The Right Customer

we provide an advanced & precise customer segmentation wizard to use every piece of information available in a customer profile. You can use it to target your clients according to their demographics, channel preferences, previous shopping transactions, as well as their campaign history. Utilize segments in cross-channel campaigns as well as import, merge and filter new and the existing target groups to deliver more personalized marketing experiences.

Run The Omni-Channel Communication

Communicate with your audience directly using e-mail or text messages or personalized mobile notifications. With our drag-and-drop creator, you will be able to use many of our templates to create engaging content for your customers. Send individual, cyclical, or triggered messages designed to meet your clients' preferences. Combine different channels as part of your campaign and schedule the publication of your messages to engage more clients with your offers. Set up rules and contact strategies to control the number of messages by channel and segments in order to avoid marketing fatigue.

Manage & Control Your Budget

You will always be in full control of your campaign budget. Assign marketing costs to a single campaign or sponsors, plus, quickly compare the estimated and the actual costs of your marketing operations. We will provide you with an easy-to-use interface where you can calculate your communication costs, split your expenses among the cost centers and campaign stages, as well as quickly and responsibly decide whether your budget matches your campaign costs.

Track The Progress Of Your Campaigns

Use Our Campaign Management to monitor your campaign goals efficiently. Our easily customizable dashboard will provide you with all necessary information regarding your promotional operations. The marketing platform enables real-time tracking of key metrics regarding communication (click-throughs, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.).

Report & Analyze Campaign Results

Our Campaign Management provides you with many report templates that you can use to deliver information about your campaigns' results. The reports are available in various formats and standards, for example, PDF, XLS, XLSX, and CSV.
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