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Raycom support center aims at delivering the best of the support services to our customers to achieve business objectives with prompt and time efficient response to IT network issues

Raycom Technologies

Support Center

Raycom support center aims at delivering the best of the support services to our customers to achieve business objectives with prompt and time efficient response to IT network issues.

To provide our best support services to all business sectors across the the country,sub region and across the world. Achieve our SLA targets to above 90% and thus achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to be a leader in providing IT services support

Raycom Technolgoies

Support Programmes

Raycom performs after sales installation of the equipment supplied. We provide services of Project management in order to complete our projects on time. The final handover is done with complete UAT performed by customer IT support head and the engineer concerned. The configurations are set as per the requirements set during project planning process. Any issues incurred during the installation are properly diagnosed and escalated to meet the target completion dates.

Raycom bears the responsibility for changing the faulty parts and provide maximum up time to the customer network.

Raycom Technolgoies

Annual Maintenance

Smart Care and SLa

We offer three smart care maintenance namely: Smart care-Platinum, smart SMART CARE-PLATINUM SMART CARE-GOLD SMART CARE-SILVER


As part of our effervescent support plans and ever customer oriented process we believe in providing advanced parts replacement services to our esteemed customers.

Raycom Technolgoies


The goal of the remote support process is to ensure that best practices, methods and procedures are followed for timely and process oriented handling of all service call tickets raised for Remote Technical support .The process must consider the risk, priority and complexity of the requests.
Following the process will provide the benefits which would include the following :
Service RequestorCustomerCustomer to log complain for service request
Service deskService desk agentResponsibility to receive the customer complain and log a ticket in the Customer complaint database.Assign the ticket to the Engineer,Provide the ticket no. to the customer
Remote support centreEngineersResponsibility to handle the assigned call check for remote connectivity if possible involve field engineers
LogisticsLogistics TeamResponsibility to deliver the required hardware to customer premises.
Field OperationsEngineersResponsibility to handle the assigned ticket. Involve logistics as and when required
 Response TimeResolution TImeResponse TimeResolution TimeResponse TimeResolution TIme>90%
Emergency15 Minutes5 Hours1 Hour5 Hours2 HoursNext Business day>90%
Major1 Hour12 Hours1 Hour12 Hours2 HoursNext Business day>90%
Normal4 HoursNext Business day4 HoursNext Business day4 Hours2 Business day>90%
Normal non-service affection8 Hours2 Business Days8 Hours2 Business Days8 Hours2 Business Days>90%



Service request are logged in customer complains register by Service desk agent on request from the respective customer. Once the service request is logged, the service desk agent would be providing the ticket number or respective customer.
Depending on the priority and severity, service request are categorized into four categories:


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