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Asset Management

You can use an asset management application to monitor all types of assets. Using asset management software, you can track physical and digital assets. Asset management software can be used to track inventories, hardware devices, software, and other software. 

The system also helps in asset lifecycle management.Keep track of all your assets-hardware and software-throughout their entire life cycle.


Customer Experience Asset Management

Our asset management module is packed with thoughtful features, including multiple methods of scanning assets; agent-based and agent-less methods, barcode scans, network scans, and more help you import all your assets. Ensure compliance using integrated software license management. The asset management module also seamlessly integrates with other ITSM processes, including incident, problem, and change management, to help you track all tickets associated with your assets.

Monitor and Keep Records

You can use our asset management application to monitor all types of assets. Using asset management software, you can track physical and digital assets. Asset management software can be used to track inventories, hardware devices, software, and other software. The system also helps in asset lifecycle management.

Take Control

Gain control over all hardware and software inventory

Track With Ease

Track assets across their life cycle from requisition to retirement, along with ownership

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Fast Deployment and Automated Management

The complexity and time required to implement IT asset management software tools are often hurdles to companies.

  • Saas mode allows you to break free of technical and installation obstructions.
  • Your application is therefore immediately accessible on our secure infrastructure.
  • CSV data import or API ERP allows you to create users and assets in your infrastructure.
  • With Active Directory you can automatically create users, departments, sites and offices
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    Identify and Manage All Type Of Assets

    Manage various types of equipment (Computers, Monitors), including their hardware and software components (Processors, memory)
    Our Solution is highly customizable, you can personalize your CMDB‘s classification:
  • IT assets, telephony, office equipment and office furniture.
  • Hardware and software components through the Scan module or by manual entry
  • Contracts
  • The customizable equipment master record lets you manage commercial, technical and financial information. You can choose to only display information relevant to your management duties.
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    Manage Your Assets’ Physical Locations and User Allocation

    Answer the question: Where are my assets located and who is the user? <br.
  • We procide multi-company and multi-site software, enabling you to manage the location of various assets using a tree view of the site, floor and office.
  • Assign assets to users and department and identify users in real time
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    Effortlessly Manage Costs, Contracts and Warranties

    Use proactive alerts to manage equipment, costs, types of acquisitions, warranties and contracts.

  • Our Solution is designed to manage various types of acquisitions (purchases, renting, leases, loans) with related costs.
  • Manage manufacturer warranties, various contracts and related costs, validity dates and notice periods
  • For purchased assets, calculate fixed assets, depreciation and residual values
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    Trace Your Equipment’s Movements

    Manage your equipment’s lifecycle and identify interventions on that equipment through the HelpDesk module

  • Management of history and traceability of assets’ movements from start to finish. Movements include reception, storing, set-up, transfer to other users, retiring assets, disposing assets and technical interventions.
  • Accurately identify the individual or department responsible for changes or modifications in the equipment master record.
  • 06

    Precise Management of Hardware and Software Components

    Automatically identify all hardware and software components installed on PCs and Servers between two network inventories

  • Identify hardware components installed on various assets such as size and memory type, hard drive, logical disk, network card, sound card, USB controller, multimedia, serial port, processor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Identify software components installed on various assets such as OS, applications and patches.
  • 07

    Obtain Relevant Statistical Data

    Scoreboard management with data export and filter features

  • Asset management statistical analysis by:
    -Type of acquisition,
    -Type of equipment,
    and renewal
  • Operating system, License compliance Failure rate Statistical analysis of your computing equipment by Memory, Manufacturer, Disk space and Model
  • 08

    Stock Management Module

    The financial module allows to generate and track your purchase orders, manage your stocks and to monitor your investment and operating budgets in real time

    Stock management
    This module enables stock management of components, consumables and assets through the product cataloge

  • The material master record and the product catalog represent a major part of stock management.
  • Material can correspond to a component (software, hard drive, memory), a consumable (paper, ink cartridge) or to equipment.
  • The material is linked to one or several suppliers.
  • Trace movements (entrance, exit, transfer)
  • Stock level management with alerts if stock reaches minimum threshold
  • Supplier management with price lists
  • Linked to the Purchases module for orders, reception and automatic integration in stock
  • Consumption monitoring per department, user or equipment
  • Statistics by item and by supplier on reception
  • Linked to the Service portal, allowing the applicant to access the catalog and make a purchase request
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