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Full Range of call center Services

Call Center Overview

Raycom Technology’s Contact Management suite of contact centre software applications support both automated and live inbound and outbound communications throughout Ghana and around the world, across voice, SMS, email, chat, social, and mobile interactions.

Deliver a seamless experience across every channel and every touchpoint while delivering personalised, convenient, and powerful interactions. Improve operational efficiency and comply with key regulations with advanced routing and dialling solutions while simultaneously delivering differentiated service to customers.


Customer Experience Call Center

The call center is an integral part of your business. It's an avenue for differentiation as well as channel for customers to provide feedback and interact with your team. With increased demands from customers, companies require a communications platform that’s agile enough to quickly and efficiently respond to customers from any channel, at any time.

Choice & Flexibility

Offering choice and flexibility, our call centre solutions are scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration to suit your business requirements. Additional features that can be added include:

Best Practices from Industry Experts

We’ve designed a culture that allows our stewards to assimilate with our clients and bring.

Service With Efficiency

We pride in delivering with high performance and with matching efficiency.

Why our customers choose us

How our solutions can help


Increased agent productivity

Not only are agents able to answer more calls in less time, they have the information and functionality they need to retain existing customers, source new customers and increase sales revenue.

More engaged agents

By increasing the variety of work and matching it to your agents abilities, a Multimedia Contact Centre solution makes their job more enjoyable. It also makes your agents more efficient.

Better resource management

Intelligent routing of contacts lets you optimise the agents you have. Comprehensive reporting makes it easier to predict when you’ll need more agents or if you can send the overflow to staff in other departments during peak times. You can also get more out of your existing agents by using automation to reduce handling time or offload routine inquiries.

Right person first time

Dramatically increase first call resolution by automatically routing to the last called agent, to the most skilled agent or to another department for handling.

Customers spend less time waiting

Dramatically increase first call resolution by automatically routing to the last called agent, to the most skilled agent or to another department for handling.

Unify all your communications

Your agents can receive and respond to every contact using a single interface, regardless of media type. Faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are treated with the same care as phone calls, allowing your contact center to deliver a consistently high level of service.
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