Internship Report by Brian Nii Tettey Sackey

Experiences and Lessons from RayCom Technologies Ltd.

Intern: Brian Nii Tettey Sackey Academic University

Internship Period: 31st August 2023 – 8th September 2023.

Supervisor: Elorm Yao Dagadu.


This report outlines my key learning experiences and professional development during my internship at RayCom Technologies Ltd. The internship, which spanned a month, provided me with a rich array of knowledge and experiences, particularly in team building, the use of new technologies, and client engagement.

Team Building and Teamwork: The Moscow Framework:

My time at RayCom Technologies underlined the importance of teamwork and effective collaboration. One of the main tools we utilized was the Moscow Framework for task prioritization. This method, which stands for Must, Should, Could, and Would, helped us efficiently prioritize our tasks and work collaboratively.

With this framework, we succeeded in identifying the ‘Must have’ tasks that were crucial for the project completion, the ‘Should have’ tasks that were important but not vital, and the ‘Could have’ tasks that could be completed if time and resources permit, and the ‘Would have’ tasks that could be moved to future developments. This framework facilitated clear communication within our team, ensuring that everyone understood his or her roles and responsibilities, leading to a successful project execution.

Technology Utilization: Building Web Applications

A significant part of my internship involved working with several innovative web development tools. I gained substantial experience with Node.js, a powerful JavaScript runtime for developing server-side and networking applications. I was also introduced to REST APIs, which enabled efficient interaction with other software components.

One of the highlights of my technical learning was the exposure to Oracle CX, a comprehensive suite of CRM tools. This platform was used to manage customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Working with Oracle CX gave me a deeper understanding of how technology can be leveraged to improve customer experience and streamline business operations.

Additionally, I gained a better insight into PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database management system, during my internship. This experience provided practical knowledge beyond what was covered in the classroom, allowing me to delve into database schema design, efficient SQL query writing, and data integrity and security management. Furthermore, I also learned valuable lessons about Git, a distributed version control system. Git enabled me to collaborate effectively with teammates, track changes in code, and manage different branches of a project.

Understanding Git’s functionalities and best practices enhanced my ability to work efficiently and collaboratively in a web development environment. Working with both PostgreSQL and Git expanded my technical skills and prepared me for real-world software development scenarios.

Client Training and Engagement: A Case of Letshego

One of the memorable experiences during my internship was a two-day training session for Letshego. This involved training clients on how to utilize the Oracle CX Letshego Customer Relations Management beta. This web application has been designed to streamline and enhance customer relationship management for Letshego’s operations.

The training expressed the importance of effective communication and patience in customer relations. It required breaking down complex technical processes into simplified, understandable steps for the clients. This experience underlined the importance of empathy and understanding the client’s perspective in providing effective training.

In terms of client engagement, I learned that managing expectations, maintaining open lines of communication, and building trust is crucial. These lessons were instrumental in fostering positive client relationships.

CEO’s Inspirational Impact

I had the privilege of attending an introductory meeting with the CEO during my internship. The CEO’s vision for innovation in Ghana and beyond was deeply inspiring. His emphasis on using technology as a tool for societal improvement resonated with me.

The CEO’s passion and commitment to innovation served as a powerful motivation for me to strive for excellence in my work and to think beyond traditional boundaries. The experience has undoubtedly molded my professional outlook, inspiring me to contribute to innovation in Ghana and beyond.

Conclusion: Personal and Professional Growth

In conclusion, my internship at RayCom Technologies Ltd has been a monumental period of growth- both professionally and personally. The technical skills I acquired, the lessons in teamwork and client engagement, and the inspiration from the CEO’s vision have all contributed to my development.

As I move forward in my career, I will carry these lessons with me. I am certain that the experiences and skills I have acquired will be invaluable in my future endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunity to have interned at RayCom Technologies Ltd and I am excited for the next chapter of my professional journey.

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