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Full Range of Routing & Delivery Management Services

Routing & Delivery Mngt Overview

Delivery routing management is a serious business. Amazon’s nearly same-day deliveries have created a “demand now” customer expectation. Companies who cannot do this will inevitably lose out. To meet these modern delivery expectations your business must utilize a technology solution that provides a faster route delivery without any delays or errors.


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In today’s highly competitive market it is more vital than ever to begin remodeling your business to compete with the bigger players on the market. Route optimization technology is one such tool to level the playing field.

Choice & Flexibility

Delivery routing management software enables delivery companies crush their competition without placing further strain on their resources. Route optimization software enables delivery companies to avoid the following:

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Automatically Generate Optimized Driver Routes

Schedule optimized multi-stop routes in minutes. GSMtasks routing engine releases you from hours of manual fleet management planning.

Straightforward Route Planning

Customizable options including photo capture, GPS tracking, custom meta fields, proof of delivery and much more.

Multi-Stop Planning Reduces Costs

Enter your daily locations and the route optimization function implements the most effective driver route. Automatically optimized routes preserve fuel and reduce delivery costs.

Recurring Tasks Reduces Back-Office Admin

Recurring tasks eliminate the need to program the same routes daily and instead get updated automatically.

Pc & Mobile Planning At Your Fingertips

Manage your team of drivers from your mobile and furnish them with real-time information and ensure task completion on the go.

Powerful Reporting In A Few Clicks

Obtain routing data to boost your business performance. Track only the metrics you need like actual task completion time, average driver delivery time or cost per delivery.
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