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Customer Help Desk Overview

A support helpdesk or a customer support software is used by support teams to help out external customers. It is usually a ticketing system that converts customer queries from different channels into tickets. An IT helpdesk or a service desk is used by IT teams to help out internal employees.

Help desk software is the heartbeat of a well-run help desk and is a vital consideration for business owners. In fact, it’s one of a company’s top priorities whether that company is a small to midsize business (SMB) or a large organization.


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If you’re wondering whether a help desk is right for you, you might be looking to level up your customer service experience for your customers. Implementing a helpdesk can help in many of the ways we listed above, but let’s look at each of these benefits individually.

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Help desk software is a tool that serves a wide range of customer support activities. Help desk uses tickets for communication, and that's why it's also known as a ticketing system.

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Unify all of your support channels into one place

Even if you don’t currently support multiple channels such as video, email or phone, having a help desk will allow you to unify all of your support channels into one place. There is nothing that is more frustrating to a customer than starting in one place (such as chat, or phone) and being shuffled around from one channel to the next to try to get an answer. Having a helpdesk app that allows you to easily transfer a customer from one channel to the next will be a blessing both for you and for them.

Gain insight into how your support agents are doing

If you are just using personal inboxes to handle customer inquiries, it’s likely that you have no idea what your customer support agents are saying if what they are saying is right, or how many are handling in a day. This information is important because it helps you benchmark for future hires, at the same time it also helps your agents track their own individual growth. A helpdesk system would help with that through robust analytics and customizable reporting.

Learn about what your customers care about through tagging and analytics

While you can gain insights regarding what customers care about from one-off conversations, the tagging and analytics that help desks offer allows you to paint a clearer, more overarching view of what their needs and wants are. This is the best way to learn about things that you could change in your product, add to your documentation, or shift your processes slightly to have even better ticket deflection and happiness ratings.

Proactively help your customers with a knowledge base

Good documentation is hard to find, especially if you don’t have a helpdesk app to help you create a knowledge base. Customers would much rather find their own information, rather than reaching out to support, but if you don’t have any documentation available you leave them no other option. Using a helpdesk tool to create documentation is a great way to provide greater happiness to your customers, and facilitate them finding the answers before they have to reach out to you. You may also even have access to analytics for your knowledge base, thus letting you know what people are searching for most or your most viewed documentation.

Automate tasks to scale your team

Using a helpdesk system will allow you to automate away some of the tasks that you worked towards every day. For example, you could set up an automated notification to ping customer support employees after their tickets had been set to pending for two days. You can also create manual workflows with helpdesk automations that automatically assign tickets to a certain support team member and tag them.
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