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Full Range of wareehouse mgt. Services

Warehouse Management Overview

With distribution and warehouse capabilities around the world, we can design a solution to handle your company’s unique logistics requirements and distribution service needs. We will support your distribution center management strategies by helping lower transportation costs, sort and sequence shipments and add value to your supply chain. Our global distribution and warehouse services, combined with our technology, increase the efficiency of your supply chain with a complete global logistics solution.


Customer Experience Warehouse Management

Gain greater visibility into your operations and workforce to help reduce labor inefficiencies, raise overall performance, and improve accuracy., as well as Improve material handling efficiency and labor productivity, maximize space utilization and enable multichannel fulfillment.

Improved Operationality

Warehouse Management services by Raycom Technologies helps add profits to your bottom line by improving efficiency, allowing your company’s resources to focus on your core business initiatives.

Rapid Configuration

Dynamic and easily configurable for a rapid, cost effective implementation, it offers an outstanding value for your operation.

Improve Inventory & Shipment Accuracy

Support complex fulfillment operations, improve inventory and shipment accuracy, and gain total inventory visibility—from the distribution center to the store shelf.

Why our customers choose us

Our global distribution and warehouse management services include:


Scalable Storage:

We provide flexible warehousing services in major trade regions around the world.

Inventory Management:

Lets you gain better control over inventory by managing the inbound flow of products from vendors and the storage of inventory until it is needed.

Distribution and destination DC bypass:

Improves product flow, reduces inventories and reduces cycle times where needed.

Import deconsolidation:

Allows customers to wait until the product reaches port and moves to a flow through / cross-dock center before determining its ultimate destination.

Customized Order Fulfillment:

Consolidate multiple SKUs/line items or individual units into a predetermined configuration.

Tier 1 warehouse management system:

Your agents can receive and respond to every contact using a single interface, regardless of media type. Faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are treated with the same care as phone calls, allowing your contact center to deliver a consistently high level of service.

Value Added capabilities:

We work with your specifications, giving you the flexibility to determine the most efficient and effective point in your supply chain for functions such as light assembly, kitting, samples and specialized product identification.
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