The Advantages & Disadvantages of Call Centers

A call center is a centralized place that receives and transmits large amounts of phone calls. Call centers can be hired by companies for many reasons, including telemarketing and product services as well as debt collections.

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Call centers are used for almost any purpose. When a call center is hired by a company, it is considered outsourcing. Outsourcing through a call center provides resources a company normally would not have. Call centers are trained to manage large volume and varied clients and services. Outsourcing through a call center also provides up-to-date technologies. Call centers are accustomed to providing these services and typically have all the latest technology available.


Using a call center has disadvantages as well. The quality of service is typically not as solid as it would be in a company setting. Security is another disadvantage. Workers in call centers have access to personal information for thousands of people. This can lead to security issues.


Many companies are hiring offshore call centers. An advantage with this is that the cost is less expensive. A disadvantage is that language is often a barrier because English is not the first language of the workers.

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